Picking Up Where We Left Off: The Episode of Meeting Noel Gallagher!

You currently find me in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. Now that I have the time, let's talk some more of what happened at Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' concert last month!

There are actually only a few that I wanted to point out about the concert experience. First off, I was pretty surprised about how big The Pogues was in Ireland. Well, I know that they're big, but I just didn't get the idea about the extent. As we were waiting for Noel to come out.. the venue played the Pogues' 'Dirty Old Town' and the audience all started to sing along. It was really, really, really awesome. Amazing. I felt like I was part of the Irish people. It is truly beyond words, and am not quite sure how to explain my feeling that night.

Second of all, I was so happy that Noel did quite a lot of Oasis covers. He did Supersonic on his acoustic guitar, among other Oasis songs are Mucky Finger, Talk tonight, Half the World Away, Whatever, Little by Little, The Importance of Being Idle, and lastly... Don't Look Back in Anger! As he sang more of the Oasis songs, I secretly wished that Liam was there with him, along with Gem and Andy Bell. As you see here, I already get over the fact -long long time ago, actually- that Oasis was no longer Liam, Noel, Guigsy, Bonehead, and Tony McCarroll/ Alan White. I personally think Gem and Andy bell were great additions to Oasis, cool musicians they are!

Here is the set list of Noel's gig that night (Feb 17th at Dublin O2):
1. (It's Good) To Be Free
2. Mucky Fingers
3. Everybody's on The Run
4. Dream On
5. If I Had A Gun
6. The Good Rebel
7. The Death of You and Me (one of my favorites!!)
8. Freaky Teeth
9. Supersonic
10. (I wanna Live in A Dream in My) Record Machine
11. AKA..What A Life!
12. Talk Tonight
13. Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
14. Broken Arrow
15. Half The World Away
16. (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach

And the encore songs were:
1. Whatever
2. Little by Little
3. The Importance of Being Idle
4. Don't Look Back in Anger

Although he played so many songs, I felt like the gig only lasted for about 30 minutes. I really enjoyed all the songs as well as the vibe of the venue. Everyone rocked out to the tunes till the end of the show.

What was most exciting was..-other than Noel picking up my card at the end of the gig- Noel caught my eyes a few times when I was taking his pictures. I let you see one of the pics in which he was looking right at me..

Can't wait wait till I see him next!!


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