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10 Tipe-Tipe Orang/Lontaran A la Amrik

Sooo.. new year is here! I've been pretty pleased with myself and how things have gone in life department so far. When most people start their work-out resolution in the new year, I started early in October last year. Initially I did this work-out regimen to prepare myself for grad school interviews in November & December. I wanted to look my best! Turns out, I have been going to the gym almost everyday since I returned from Austria end of October.
I also have great news of my acceptance into two graduate schools (specifically Physician Assistant/Associate Program!) in the area. I have decided to accept the offer from my alma mater OHSU. I have worked towards this dream of attending PA school for the past 2.5 years and can't be happier!
Jadi, blog post kali ini adalah menyoal tipe2 rekan kerja yg saya temukan di Amerika. Setelah tinggal di sini lebih dari 10 tahun, dan mengenal dunia kerja > 5 tahun saya semakin familiar dan menemukan pola-pola tertentu di rekan2 kerja…

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