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Vienna: It's All About Park, Music, and Seriously Good Pastries

Our last part of our Austrian travel comprised of visits to Linz and Vienna. Our stay in Linz was way too short, shorter than I wanted. It was one mere night. Innsbruck to Linz took the longest of all at three hours. We stayed at a hotel strategically located downtown. It has a long name: Austrian Trend Hotel Schillerpark. The day we arrived in Linz was the first overcast day we had in our entire trip, but temperature was rather stable at mid 60's F (15-17 C) so that was fine. Sunshine welcomed us bright and early the following day, woot!

We wanted to visit Ars Electronica Center in Linz when we arrived on Monday, however were not aware that most museums in Austria are close on Monday. This cultural, education, and scientific institute has pretty cool stuff, with one of exhibits allowing you to experience being inside of a human's body. So, that was a bummer that we couldn't check it out. We ended up spending the day roaming around downtown Linz (practically around the corn…

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