Nearing The End: Cilacap & Purwokerto in One

Malioboro on my last morning in Jogja
Starting off my day off today rather early, again, just like yesterday. I was taking time off from volunteering at the Food Bank and I was gonna head there this morning to help out. Used my GPS as usual, but took a wrong turn and would have arrived late had I carried on to Food Bank. Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days at Food Bank, meaning that they usually have more than enough volunteers sorting food. Not wanting to arrive late, with the consequence of not having a station, I decided to drive back home.

My next leg of journey after Jogjakarta was my hometown Cilacap, where I spent a total of three nights. Not much to do other than spending time with my parents. My sister and her family was already there one day earlier so it was nice to see the little nephew again.

Teluk Penyu, Cilacap
Visited the beach the next day with mom and sis' family. Eating home-cooked meals was one of the highlights -Mom cooked opor ayam (Javanese-style chicken curry with rice cakes), tahu brontak (fried tofu stuffed with veggies), and nasi kuning (literally translates to "yellow rice", with turmeric conferring the yellow color).

Mom's opor lontong
I had two other chances eating mie ayam (Javanese-style chicken noodle soup) in Cilacap, and another chance of devouring martabak terang bulan (crepe-like desserts, only that it's much much thicker with chocolate, cheese, peanut filling on the inside) -wooot!

Gajah Mungkur Mie Ayam, Cilacap
Gave Purwokerto, a near-by town a quick visit before boarding my train to Jakarta on Monday, May 18th. I got to hang out with my childhood friend for a few hours. We did an hour karaoke and talked at lunch (over at a nice garden restaurant named Table 9 Kitchen) for a couple hours, then said good bye to each other. Had a great fun and will miss seeing and talking with her again.

Me at Teluk Penyu Beach, Cilacap

X.O Fried Noodle & Teh Tarik at Table 9 Kitchen
Oh, are you still curious about what I left in Jogja? It was a red fan that I bought in Bali. It's more than just a piece of fan as there's a story to it. Saw an old lady on Jl. Kartika Plaza in Kuta, selling fans. I walked past her on my way to grab lunch at McDonalds. Went back to Discovery Mall and walked past the same spot and she was still there. Made a small talk, bought a fan, and took a photo with her.

Just by looking at her physical appearance, she is probably in either late 80's or early 90's. I do have a lot of admiration in her, for being that old and still being out there making a living. While here I am, working only 4 days a week and spending my day offs like a slob.


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