Indonesia 2013 Part 1 (Late Post)

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I owe you a few posts about my 2013-2014 travels *Should we call them the missing episodes? Mwahaha!!*

Let me take you back to September-October 2013 when I did my yearly visit back home. What was different this time was it was the first visit post school craziness. Not sure of the date I flew, but I remember flying out of PDX only a couple days after I took my NCLEX for the RN license -I passed and have been a practicing RN since.

My room in Bliss Wayan
I landed in Bali and spent two nights before flying to Surabaya to pick my parents up. The first hotel I stayed at in Bali was this surfer-styled boutique hotel located on Jl. Sriwijaya #88, Legian. The name is a mix between west and east: Bliss Wayan. The standard room was nicely decorated, it was not utterly spacious yet adequate.  The photo above was taken just a few minutes after I checked in. The first place I hit that evening I believe was Santai Spa, over on Jl. Padma Utara. I've been a regular at the spa since 2009 and highly recommend that you get a massage or two there if you get to visit Bali. I myself did it on a daily basis on this trip. Santai was actually my sole reason why I chose to stay at a hotel in Legian.

The street on which I walked on a daily basis in Legian, Bali
One of the things I enjoyed about my stay in Bali among other things was getting nasi padang on Jl. Legian. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was something like RM Minang .... (fill in the comment section if you think you know the restaurant I am talking out).

McD's chicken, rice, & scrambled egg
Other than going to Santai Spa and walking around the area on foot, I spent one afternoon getting a haircut in Kuta. My regular places were the Beach Walk Mall, Santai Spa, Discovery Mall, McDonalds over in Kuta. I drank a lot of bubble tea too in Bali. Cha Time was my go-to place. Indonesian McDonalds' menu is way better than the American ones. They incorporate what the locals eat, which is rice, and create menu items palatable to the locals. Chicken, rice, plus the scrambled egg remains my favorite.

Santai Spa's entrance
From Bali, I flew to Surabaya to pick my parents up. You got it, I flew back to Bali then spent another two nights there with the parents. They'd only been to Bali once prior to that so I thought I'd show around places I go in the area. We stayed at the Lorin New Kuta Hotel in Pecatu, which turned out to be pretty far from the main area. I kind of knew it. And knowing that my parents that likes that don't fancy going out all the time, I felt that the hotel was worth the try. We went to Santai Spa before lunch on our first day. They seemed hesitant at first but left the place complimenting on how great the massage was -this was, of course, predictable! Beach front dinner at Teba Cafe, mall strolling, and souvenir shopping were pretty much what the rest of the trip was all about. The hotel had a nice water park close by, but since they didn't seem interested I went swimming one morning there by myself.

To wrap up this post, enjoy a couple of pics below!
Cha Time inside Beach Walk Mall in Kuta, Bali

One sunset in Kuta


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