I need to start writing again! I was on a state of comatose and it's time to wake up. Not only that I think writing can be therapeutic, it also is a productive thing to do in my spare time. Think about it, I now have rather plenty of time in my hands! Nursing school was finally over, and three big trips were done since, actually -Yep, that said, there are quite a bit of things that I shall share.

On a different note, the big transition of school to finally having a real job has not been particularly seamless -I am still fine-tuning in what I do. Some days at work can be a bit frustrating. I do, however, enjoy providing direct care to patients a lot and that's what I think makes nursing profession rewarding.

I am getting myself a Chromebook and I can't wait to receive it soon. I will definitely write some more some time next week. I plan to go to a yoga session tomorrow morning -fingers crossed that I will execute this plan. Sigh, laziness has been in the house and I need to cut it out badly. Night night!


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