Got A New Toy Today

As the title says.. just received my new toy today. In case you haven't heard of Echo Smartpen, it's the one that can convert your writing to an audio file, as well as record voice (speech as in lectures or whatever) as you're doing your note. Look it up on Amazon. Pretty cool technology and I thought I could make use of it for school. Yep, got it from my bestie for my birthday. The 8 GB one. Woooot! And my birthday dinner is coming up later this week.

Oh, what's new? Received birthday wishes from a few people who, apparently, remembered my special day. My bestie,  mom (sure, she gave the friggin' birth to me, thank God), sister, cousin in law, an old mate from uni (over Yahoo Messenger), a friend here in the Northwest (over Facebook), and another good fella whose e-card I talked about on the previous entry.

Then what else? Well.. I survived my first nursing school day! Had a group discussion at the end of the day, which was pretty interesting. Talked about different kinds of health insurances/care plans, stuff I hadn't figured out before. Turned out I missed some document among the bunch that they sent online two weeks ago, so.. I kinda was clueless at the discussion. Apparently, I wasn't the only one! Some people claimed to have never received the doc as well. Made me feel better. LOL.

Went to purchase my lab coat and a couple of patches for my uniform today after school. Holy cow, the bookstore line was like at least 30 meters long! I am just glad to make it home tonight :D. Still facing the uncertainty at this point (if you know what I mean. Well, you do if you read one particular post earlier last week), but hope to let you know of the answer, hopefully, by the end of this week! Going to have a full day tomorrow at school so I'll hit you up later.



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