Boat Ride From Hell

My day has been pretty okay. I was in my blogging mood too actually, earlier in the morning. But I decided to go over some stuff for the piano exam, grabbed some shredded wheat in milk & teh tarik for breakfast, skimmed Facebook news feed a bit, then took off. I aced the exam, by the way. Yay, big surprise! *sarcasm intended*. My standing is now 520 out of 520 and the teacher said it couldn't go any higher. It was a bit funny cuz my lady teacher (yea, she's very lady-like) was kind of laughing at me when I asked her what my overall score was. Well, one final recital left and hopefully that will complete the rest of the score -the damn recital is worth 40% of the total score.

Oh, today I also managed to hit the gym after the piano class. It wasn't packed, which I particularly loved. I ain't liking it when I have to wait just to use the elliptical machine. The whole gym also feels stuffy when you're working out with a hundred other people. No fun, Comrades.

Our departure point in Bali
This is going to be another short entry, by the way. And this time I am going talk about our trip to Gili Trawangan with the hubby in Summer 2010. There's something about this trip which makes me appreciate life a lot more. I thought I was going to die in the middle of the ocean lol. But, seriously, I was at a point where I sorta accepted the fact that death could have happened any minute.

Yay, we're in Gili Trawangan!
Gili Trawangan came up for a few reasons. The top one was because we had never been there before. Well, Glen's been to Lombok but never happened to actually step his foot in Trawangan. I myself was just plain curious for I've heard the beauty of the beach. So, it was actually my idea. Didn't really expect much though. Just sort of hoped we got there okay. Errr.. actually I didn't even have the thought of facing some serious problems on getting/leaving there. I sort of took it for granted that we'd hit the road okay (oops, I mean the sea) and that we'd arrive, check-in at the hotel, chill at the beach while drinking some iced tea. Hahaha, I know, my epitome of fun is not that sophisticated. Even my unsophisticated husband would have come up with a better idea, like drinking mango juice and the likes of it. Something tropical, y'know.

One morning in Trawangan
Ya ya, the boat ride! I nearly forgot that it's the main reason of me writing this entry. We were headed to Gili Trawangan by a fast boat, and getting there took about three hours. I gotta tell ya, I was pretty happy cuz we arrived in Gili on time. But oh man, IT WAS BOILING HOT. Gili Trawangan at the time was much much much hotter than Surabaya on its hey day (wrong diction I know, but I love the phrase and mean to say the day when Surabaya gets the hottest :P). Speaking of heat, I somewhat like being in the heat (despite my preference for the coldness), because that reminds me of hell, and thinking about hell makes me want to be a better person for some reason -this is it, get ready for a few more bollocks, Comrades.

Upon leaving Gili Trawangan

After spending two nights in Trawangan, we were ready to leave the land. The Bali fast boat arrived in Gili late, and the whole turmoil started there. I mean, it was very unpleasant that we had to wait for a little over an hour in the heat. I already started my day having a bad mood right there. The first one hour of our ride went well, despite the rough waves. Then the ride only got rougher. And rougher. And rougher. I was still fine, though. I started to get worried after passing our first three hours on the boat, and WE'RE STILL ON THE DAMN BOAT!

Before the ride got rougher
Everyone on the boat threw up, me and Glen excluded (plus the crew). Wonder if it had anything to do with race lol *sarcasm*, since the rest of the passengers were Caucasians except us and the boat crew. The boat dudes indicated to each other that they got a mechanical problem; the writing is on the wall but it was only me who knew what they're talking about. Sad. The cool thing was, no one in the boat actually questioned these dudes of what was going on. They were probably too busy puking. We ended up spending about two extra hours on the boat that afternoon. I was really scared and annoyed, yet couldn't be happier when we reached Bali. We might have been unwell, but we were alive!!

PS. I found a pic of Glen taken after this ride, with his hair all messy. Unfortunately, he didn't think it would be the brightest idea to post it here XD.


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