Another Toronto Episode: Eat to Live VS Live to Eat?

I hate to make the title sound so mundane. But visiting a place like Toronto makes me realize how much I love food. Good food anyway. Makes me question myself: really? Do I eat to live, or live to eat?

This Ramadan makes me appreciate food even more, since fasting can be pretty hard. You know, especially if you do it during the Summer time in some parts of the World -where the day time is longer than its night.

Currently in Toronto. Requested 5 days off work and it was approved. I felt like I needed the break, and also it's nice to see the in laws again. They're pretty chill people and I am just lucky to be a part of the family.

Flew American Airlines Thursday morning out of Portland and had a six hour lay-over in Dallas Fort Worth, which surprisingly went pretty fast. Landed in Toronto's Pearson Int'l Airport at 11 PM. Took a taxi cab and got to the in laws' place just a little before midnight. Surprisingly, Tim Horton's at the airport was still open so I grabbed half a dozen of doughnuts just in case there's nothing to eat at the house.

The following day, hubby and I strolled along the Korea Town on Yonge & Finch. We grabbed Korean food at Lim Ga Ne. Hubby arrived in the morning and didn't fast due to the overnight travel, while I was having -you women know what-. So there was nothing more perfect than having an early dinner at Lim Ga Ne.

Lim Ga Ne is a Korean establishment and offers authentic Korean cuisine. They recently added new for-share items on the menu, and we were surprised to see that they had Ddakdoritang (Korean chicken stew). It was $24.99 and the bowl was gigantic. It was served hot-pot style with a portable butane burner. So very delicious!

On the way to Lim Ga Ne, I saw a girl holding a bubble tea cup from Gong Cha -that got me excited! Last time I was in Toronto December 2014, there was no Gong Cha on Yonge & Finch. Initally, we were gonna go to Chatime that is just across from Lim Ga Ne, but after finding out that there was a Gong Cha outlet nearby I suggested that we switched to Gong Cha. And of course, that was out of excitement. I spoke to the cashier and turned out that that location's only 2 months old as of this month -woot hoot!

Portland, where I live, offers multitudes of ethnic cuisines due to its diverse population. However, Toronto exceeds it in a way that some towns can totally bring you experience as if you were in the parts of the world that they represent. In my case, Korea Town really made me feel like I was in South Korea. It's a place where you see mostly the Asian people. Everything else is a minority, Caucasian included.

Our next culinary tour pulled over at a Chinese establishment called Congee Queen. We went to the one on Sheppard Ave on day 2 for breakfasting. The place was jam-packed with people. We were lucky enough to be seated after about 15 minutes of waiting. We ordered Cantonese chowmein, chicken in blackbean sauce, salted fish fried rice, and salt & pepper squid. They gave us a lot of food so we ended up with quite a bit of left-over, enough to feed me two more meal times.

I spent the last evening or day 3 in Korea Town, again. This time I went solely for Cha time Bubble Tea. I did take-out and gulped the darn boba right at breakfasting time on the way home. So friggin' refreshing.

9:30ish PM at the moment, and my suitcase has been calling me to pack stuff in. Headed back to Portland tomorrow. It will take the whole day to get there.
Oyasumi nasai...


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