Canon in D!

Got inspired by my friend Anggi and also my hubby to work on this beautiful piece. I didn't really force myself to finish the whole arrangement of Canon in D by Jerry Ray though, so this is rather short. Did multiple recordings but wasn't patient enough to play the piece again and again 'till I got it perfect. With that being said, it's not mistake-free.

But anyways.. here you go!


  1. Huwoooow....!!! akhirnya bisa nyampe juga ke blog ini (lagi) :D

    Nice... pertama dengar Canon in D ini wkatu dulu nonton film Korea Secret, langsung suka...sampe punya berbagai macam versi (bahkan rock) :D

    Keren..keren..keren....! *tepok tangan* :)

    ps: kalo maw request, boleh???


  2. Wuuoohh.. Akhirnya dicek juga ^^. Thx. Lagu apa, Jeng? Sy asli jahat, boleh request asal I like the song as well :P.

  3. Always love Canon in D. Reminded me of my love ;) Keep up the good work, dude!


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